Dean: So did you hear the news about what happened at Peppertree Mall? Spies!
(The ACM Kid)

Peppertree Mall

Books by Petra Schier


... aka Mila Roth (aka Petralit)


Historical Novels (Petra Schier)

Christmas Romance Novels (Petra Schier)

Romance Novels (Petra Schier)

Spy Series (Mila Roth)

Action Thriller Series (Mila Roth)

Historical Novels

14th, 15th, 17th and 19th century
Accurate research, suspense ... and some romance.

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Christmas Romance Novels

Meet lovely dogs, wonderful characters and Santa Claus!
These are novels for adults!

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Romance Novels

Meet more lovely dogs, more wonderful characters (but no Santa Claus 😉 )!
These are also novels for adults!

Auf den Wellen des Glücks

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Mila Roth Spy Series

Inspired by Scarecrow & Mrs. King

To be continued ... SEASON 2 starts fall 2018.

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Mila Roth Action Thriller Series

Inspired by Burn Notice

To be continued in fall 2018 ...

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