Amanda: I don't have any secrets.
Oh? I can think of one or two ....
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Steno Pool

In this section you can find the original scripts of Scarecrow & Mrs. King.
It is very interesting to read them, because they are all more or less different from what we can see in the episodes. Lines, scenes or even whole parts have been changed by the director or the actors (or both).

I have also uploaded a link to the transcrips of every episode of season one.
For seasons two to four I have organized OPERATION SANDSTORM Tanscript Project together with some of the ladies at the Scarecrow and Mrs. King Forum. We’re going to transcribe every episode. It will take a while, but I’m collecting the transcripts and will upload them here as we go along.

There’s also a recently added section for translation of files/data in foreign languages.

For privacy issues the scripts and transcripts are not to be found in the open section of this fanpage but in the SECURITY DATA ACCESS AREA. They are for private use only and must not be distributed without the permission of the authors. Please log in with your username and password, then click on the following picture to access this area. If you are not yet a member of, please sign up first. You can get all information about the REGISTRATION by visiting the Quartermaster.