Lee: Yes, Amanda … Danger, excitement, intrigue …

(The ACM Kid)



The center of The Agency, the place where Lee, Francine and Amanda work most of the time. And of course also the place where we find the office of the section chief, Billy Melrose.



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You’ll find several different episode guides in here. Why several? Because I have uploaded not only the official episode guide by airdate order, but also one by production order and soon there will be another one, which I created on my own. I’m still working on it and will upload it as soon as it is finished.

This one I am giong to call The Episode Guide à la Petra. It follows the rules of sense, which means, I have figured out (or at least tried to do that) the episode order that makes the most sense referring to the development of Lee’s and Amanda’s relationship (and romance) as well as the continuity of the whole story. This guide will also be commented/interpreted by me.

If you want to comment on the episode guides or have any new ideas, please contact me!

Official Episode Guide

Production Order

Episode Guide à la Petra

Iwsod's Episode Guide

Deutsche Episodenführer

Official Episode Guide







Episode 1: The First Time

Original Air Date: 3 October 1983

Lee Stetson aka Scarecrow, secret agent working for the elusive Agency, inadvertently embroils housewife, divorcée and mother of two Amanda King in a dangerous mission.

Episode 2: There Goes the Neighborhood

Original Air Date: 10 October 1983

Amanda and Lee pose as a married couple to foil a weapon smuggling ring and solve the disappearance of an American housewife.

Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

Original Air Date: 17 October 1983

When an old friend of Lee's loses it in the Bull pen and fires his gun randomly, Lee gets his knee broken trying to save him. He is therefore stuck in a hospital while he's recovering, under the dubious care of a doctor whose archaic experiments got him fired- thanks to Lee.

Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bus

Original Air Date—24 October 1983

A survivalist group turned eco terrorist cell steal a highly classified top of the line weaponry unit disguised as an RV and Lee and Amanda go undercover to try and get it back.

Episode 5: The ACM Kid

Original Air Date: 7 November 1983

The parents of a prodigy child are kidnapped and held captive in an attempt to coerce him and Lee and Amanda are charged with keeping him safe- which turns out to be very difficult.

Episode 6: Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Original Air Date: 14 November 1983

When a foreign Prince and his American born wife come to the US, Lee has to guard her husband and Amanda is asked to befriend his wife- in the name of protection.

Episode 7: Service Above and Beyond

Original Air Date: 21 November 1983

When Amanda accidentally attracts the romantic interest of a corrupt rich man she is asked to pose as a wealthy jet-setter in order to distract him.

Episode 8: Saved by the Bells

Original Air Date: 28 November 1983

When Amanda agrees to house-sit for Lee she is kidnapped by Soviet agents mistaking her for the Scarecrow and is held to ransom. Lee throws his career to the winds, springs an enemy spy and becomes a fugitive in order to rescue her.

Episode 9: Sudden Death

Original Air Date: 5 December 1983

Amanda is asked to go undercover as a sports reporter to convey intelligence from Lee- who is undercover as a football player to catch a political assassin.

Episode 10: The Long Christmas Eve

Original Air Date: 19 December 1983

On Christmas Eve, Amanda is asked to pretend to be the long lost daughter of a turncoat to try and convince him to stay with the US. But the man in question is sought by two trained KGB thugs and they get trapped in the turncoat's cabin.

Episode 11: Remembrance of Things Past

Original Air Date: 9 January 1984

After several agents are murdered and Lee is marked as the next victim, he fakes his death to track down the killer- and only Amanda and Billy know the truth.

Episode 12: Lost and Found

Original Air Date: 16 January 1984

An old love rival of Lee's - an expert in ESP - is rescued from a Soviet prison and tells Lee the woman they both loved is dead. The next day she shows up on his doorstep.

Episode 13: I Am Not Now, nor Have I Ever Been ... a Spy

Original Air Date: 30 January 1984

The terrorists planning to destroy Arlington, Amanda's town, and frame the king of their homeland kidnap her to try and find out what information she knows about their operation. However, Amanda suffers a head injury that wipes her memory of the Agency - and Lee. Now he has to protect her from dangers she doesn't remember and try to get her memory going- or lots of people will die.

Episode 14: Dead Ringer

Original Air Date: 6 February 1984

Amanda is asked to meet a Hungarian woman- who turns out to look exactly like Francine. Magda Petrak is a defector and Amanda is asked to shelter the surprisingly unpleasant woman in her house while the Agency try to get her to a safe house.

Episode 15: The Mole

Original Air Date: 13 February 1984

When the third attempt to capture a dangerous Bulgarian spy fails, the secretive Blue Leader covertly assigns Lee to Internal Investigations to check out his colleagues and figure out which one is a traitor.

Episode 16: Savior

Original Air Date: 27 February 1984

Lee appears to leave the Agency and start work as a weapons dealer leaving Amanda heartbroken- until she finds out it's all a ruse to protect a secret weapon.

Episode 17: The Artful Dodger

Original Air Date: 5 March 1984

A world famous cat burglar is after some top secret government papers and manages to humiliate the Agency- and get dangerously close to Amanda.

Episode 18: Filming Raul

Original Air Date: 19 March 1984

When a courier of Lee's damages Amanda's car a convoluted plot involving spies, government secrets and amateur documentaries is exposed.

Episode 19: Fearless Dotty

Original Air Date: 26 March 1984

When Dotty is accidentally given a book containing encrypted secrets instead of a treasured book for Phillip's birthday, Amanda's life is put in jeopardy.

Episode 20: Weekend

Original Air Date—23 April 1984

Lee asks Amanda to go undercover with him as his wife at the exclusive Cumberland hotel to foil a kidnapping- only they don't know who the intended target is.

Episode 21: Waiting for Godorsky

Original Air Date—7 May 1984

Amanda inadvertently befriends a kind, elderly lady- who turns out to be a very important Russian Princess who is standing up for freedom and peace. Now, Amanda and Lee must protect her from terrorists while Amanda has to avoid attracting her mother's attention.

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Episode 1: To Catch a Mongoose

Original Air Date: 1 October 1984

Amanda is called to London to identify an old classmate of hers who is supposedly an international assassin called Mongoose.

Episode 2: The Times They Are a Changin'

Original Air Date: 8 October 1984

After Amanda wins a trip to Munich she is put on assignment to help a German terrorist come home.

Episode 3: Double Agent

Original Air Date: 15 October 1984

When an ex agent writes a tell-all book exposing suburban spies like Amanda, a literary ransom ensues.

Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss

Original Air Date: 22 October 1984

When an old friend of Lee's goes missing in Austria he and Amanda go chasing ghosts.

Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home

Original Air Date: 29 October 1984

When Amanda is made the refreshment manager for a charity do she is in the perfect position to help Lee get close to international criminals.

Episode 6: Brunettes Are In

Original Air Date: 12 November 1984

After a critical mission is fouled by a mugging, Amanda begins to consider leaving the Agency and Lee tries to protect her from an unknown threat.

Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee

Original Air Date: 19 November 1984

As a group of pro Nazis churn out counterfeit American money Amanda is arrested and Lee calls on an old friend.

Episode 8: Affair at Bromfield Hall

Original Air Date: 26 November 1984

After being accused of sleeping with a married English Baron while on a mission with Lee, Amanda stays at the Baron's mansion to dispel the rumours.

Episode 9: A Class Act

Original Air Date: 3 December 1984

Amanda is finally given Agency training while Lee acts as a Ringer- pretending to be a trainee in order to spy on the other recruits- and a Soviet spy is assigned to take out the hidden Agent- only they think it's Amanda.

Episode 10: Playing Possum

Original Air Date: 10 December 1984

When Billy is kidnapped the Agency is put on alert and Lee and Amanda have to work with a Soviet agent to try and find a bomb- and stop World War 3.

Episode 11: The Three Faces of Emily

Original Air Date: 31 December 1984

When Emily Farnsworth brings an abducted English traitor to Amanda's house her life is unintentionally in danger.

Episode 12: Ship of Spies

Original Air Date: 7 January 1985

An interrupted message to Lee drags him and Amanda onto a honeymoon cruise.

Episode 13: Spiderweb

Original Air Date: 14 January 1985

Amanda is framed for espionage and treason while three important defectors are brought into the country.

Episode 14: A Little Sex, a Little Scandal

Original Air Date: 4 February 1985

A blackmailed Senator is the focus of an aggressive lobbyist and Amanda witnesses the resulting murder.

Episode 15: A Relative Situation

Original Air Date: 11 February 1985

When Lee's Uncle is accused of failing his men and getting them killed, Lee and Amanda try to clear his name and protect him from a traitor.

Episode 16: Life of the Party

Original Air Date: 18 February 1985

Amanda and Francine go undercover as maids to try and track down evidence against the mob.

Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon

Original Air Date: 25 February 1985

An Amanda look-a-like assassin is sent after Lee by an enemy from 7 years ago.

Episode 18: Car Wars

Original Air Date: 11 March 1985

When Amanda's car gets busted Lee lends her an expensive car which has unexpected value.

Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival

Original Air Date: 18 March 1985

An assassination attempt on Lee gets sidetracked to Amanda and she is poisoned with a hallucinogenic toxin which is ultimately fatal.

Episode 20: You Only Die Twice

Original Air Date: 1 April 1985

When a friendly agent is accidentally given Amanda's ID for an undercover mission and is killed, Amanda's life gets very complicated.

Episode 21: Burn Out

Original Air Date: 8 April 1985

Lee starts to show the signs of burn out and begins meeting a man who has been linked to the disappearances and presumed deaths of three other burnt out agents.

Episode 22: Murder Between Friends

Original Air Date: 6 May 1985

Amanda takes a new job with a security firm- and is quickly accused of murder just as a foreign King visits Washington.

Episode 23: Vigilante Mothers

Original Air Date: 13 May 1985

One of the components of a dangerous form of nerve gas is stolen and Lee goes undercover in Amanda's neighbourhood to watch over a scientist as Amanda gets involved in anti-pollution.

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Episode 1: A Lovely Little Affair

Original Air Date: 23 September 1985

Amanda is assigned to the surveillance of an art treasurer whose sister has been recently kidnapped.

Episode 2: We're Off to See the Wizard

Original Air Date: 30 September 1985

An old tragedy for Lee resurfaces as he starts seeing a dead woman and several other women of his acquaintance are murdered.

Episode 3: Over the Limit

Original Air Date: 7 October 1985

A mother who is involved in a demonstration for fishing limits is accused of killing a congressman and Amanda fights for her cause.

Episode 4: Tail of the Dancing Weasel

Original Air Date: 14 October 1985

Lee's old mentor goes into hiding when an old letter clearing him of being a double agent is stolen and he asks Amanda to find it for him.

Episode 5: Welcome to America, Mr. Brand

Original Air Date: 21 October 1985

Amanda is asked to babysit an eccentric accountant from England who has an interesting conspiracy theory.

Episode 6: Sour Grapes

Original Air Date: 28 October 1985

When three prominent men die from drinking wine laced with heroin Lee and Amanda need to find the rest of the tainted case.

Episode 7: Utopia Now

Original Air Date: 4 November 1985

Lee and Amanda go camping to track down an errant spy and a tax lobbyist who has a stash of explosives.

Episode 8: Reach for the Sky

Original Air Date: 11 November 1985

When an old banker friend of Billy's is killed he leaves to investigate something called 'Cyclops'. Lee and Amanda investigate the case and Francine gets stressed doing Billy's job.

Episode 9: J. Edgar's Ghost

Original Air Date: 18 November 1985

After several old files are revealed in the newspapers Lee searches for the culprit and the old files of J. Edger Hoover.

Episode 10: Flight to Freedom

Original Air Date: 25 November 1985

An old reporter friend of Lee's, recently blinded, insists her dead husband is alive and has evidence against corrupt officials in Santa Maria.

Episode 11: The Wrong Way Home

Original Air Date: 2 December 1985

Amanda's ex husband and the father of her sons Joe King is accused of murdering the Estocian Prime Minister and Lee has to investigate him.

Episode 12: Fast Food for Thought

Original Air Date: 16 December 1985

Lee and Amanda go undercover as a brother and sister working in a fast food company about to be hit with a poison threat.

Episode 13: One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't

Original Air Date: 6 January 1986

Dotty becomes an unwitting pawn when she gets involved with an elderly Russian man- who is on the run from the KGB.

Episode 14: Playing for Keeps

Original Air Date: 13 January 1986

A tennis playing rich girl with an attitude problem has to be protected from communists trying to hurt her father.

Episode 15: The Pharoah's Engineer

Original Air Date: 20 January 1986

Lee and Amanda deal with several disappearances at an Agency retirement home that may be linked to an old, highly classified mission.

Episode 16: The Triumvirate

Original Air Date: 10 February 1986

When Amanda is accidentally given a pay check for $10,000 it leads her and Lee to a dirty trick squad within the Agency.

Episode 17: The Eyes Have It

Original Air Date: 17 February 1986

A list of Lee's contacts, engraved on a pair of contact lenses, is in the wind as he is treated in hospital following a car accident.

Episode 18: Wrong Number

Original Air Date: 3 March 1986

Lee's old nemesis Gregory is involved in a plot with a geeky mathematician, his KGB doppelganger and Francine- who has been captured in Beirut.

Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King

Original Air Date: 10 March 1986

An eccentric King, months from death, comes to the states looking for his long lost son as someone else tries to kill him to gain control of his country.

Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails

Original Air Date: 31 March 1986

When Amanda is involved in a fender bender she accidentally reveals a supposedly dead terrorist as living and preparing to strike at an Embassy gathering.

Episode 21: Three Little Spies

Original Air Date—7 April 1986

Lee and Amanda are forced to work with Russian and Chinese spies to recover some stolen detonators.

Episode 22: All the World's a Stage

Original Air Date: 12 May 1986

A Russian puppet master manipulates a love struck playwright and Amanda acts on stage.

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Episode 1: Stemwinder: Part 1

Original Air Date: 19 September 1986

As the US and her enemy countries enter War Games an old nemesis of Lee's frames him.

Episode 2: Stemwinder: Part 2

Original Air Date: 26 September 1986

Lee and Amanda are in hiding, looking for Alexi and Sonja while the Agency looks for them- and defection starts to look appealing.

Episode 3: Unfinished Business

Original Air Date: 3 October 1986

An old criminal whose testimony ruined the reputation of Lee's parents after their deaths resurfaces and threatens a King.

Episode 4: No Thanks for the Memories

Original Air Date: 10 October 1986

A desperate would-be defector is put in trouble because of his mind and politics get in the way of saving his life.

Episode 5: It's in the Water

Original Air Date: 17 October 1986

An ecological stunt gets out of hand when an overeager but well meaning activist beats a top secret system and gains the attention of the Libyans.

Episode 6: Night Crawler

Original Air Date: 31 October 1986

Amanda is kidnapped by a Saudi Arabian terrorist who tortures her for information about one of Lee's contacts.

Episode 7: Billy's Lost Weekend

Original Air Date: 7 November 1986

When Billy forgets an entire weekend early retirement or insanity are looking like his only options.

Episode 8: Photo Finish

Original Air Date: 14 November 1986

A class assignment ends in a frame up for Amanda as she investigates a company that's building a satellite weapon.

Episode 9: The Man Who Died Twice

Original Air Date: 21 November 1986

An old Vietnamese double agent friend of Lee's fakes his death and betrayal to get his son back.

Episode 10: Need to Know

Original Air Date: 5 December 1986

A reporter friend of Lee's gets mixed up in a convoluted plot to get headlines by destroying a valuable mineral.

Episode 11: Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

Original Air Date: 19 December 1987

Lee has to learn the meaning of Christmas as a toy company is used as a front for munitions.

Episode 12: Any Number Can Play

Original Air Date: 2 January 1987

Amanda's mother turns out to be dating a man with a false name and a debt to the mob.

Episode 13: Promises to Keep

Original Air Date: 9 January 1987

TP, the enigmatic smart guy, is accused of aiding drug lords, but the truth is much more complicated- and far more personal to TP.

Episode 14: Rumors of My Death

Original Air Date: 23 January 1987

When a dead body is found with a passport saying Lee Stetson a phony passport ring is uncovered.

Episode 15: Bad Timing

Original Air Date: 6 February 1987

Another old enemy of Lee's injects him with a biological weapon and Lee resorts to wearing a dead man's watch to prevent contagion.

Episode 16: Do You Take This Spy?

Original Air Date: 13 February 1987

An old irritant from Lee's past and some missing paintings throws a spanner in Lee and Amanda's wedding plans.

Episode 17: Mission of Gold

Original Air Date: 20 February 1987

Amanda and Lee's honeymoon is unexpectedly and tragically cut short when Amanda is shot by gold-smuggling thieves.

Episode 18: One Flew East

Original Air Date: 27 February 1987

The daughter of an anti-nuclear activist accuses the Agency of kidnapping her father while Lee tries to bond with Amanda's sons.

Episode 19: All That Glitters

Original Air Date: 7 May 1987

A long lost valuable earring from Granada shows up at a wealthy clique-dwellers birthday party.

Episode 20: Suitable for Framing

Original Air Date: 14 May 1987

Lee and Francine are framed by the CIA for trying to entrap a Russian student.

Episode 21: A Matter of Choice

Original Air Date: 21 May 1987

Francine is the target of a cruel scheme to kidnap a prominent scientist involving her ex-fiancée and an enemy of Lee's that he is obsessing about.

Episode 22: The Khrushchev List

Original Air Date: 28 May 1987

The Agency founder is hunted by every Federal Agency on the Hill when he rescues his Russian girlfriend.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085088/episodes

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Production Order






01 The First Time
02 There Goes the Neighborhood
03 The A.C.M. Kid
04 If Thoughts Could Kill
05 Magic Bus
06 Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
07 Service Above and Beyond
08 Saved by the Bells
09 Sudden Death
10 The Long Christmas Eve
11 Remembrance of Things Past
12 Lost and Found
13 I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been... a Spy
14 Dead Ringer
15 The Mole
16 Savior
17 The Artful Dodger
18 Filming Raul
19 Fearless Dotty
20 Weekend
21 Waiting for Godorsky

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01 Charity Begins at Home
02 The Times They Are a Changin'
03 The Legend of Das Geisterschloss
04 Our Man in Tegernsee
05 To Catch a Mongoose
06 Affair at Bromfield Hall
07 Double Agent
08 The Three Faces of Emily
09 A Class Act
10 Brunettes Are In
11 Car Wars
12 Playing Possum
13 Ship of Spies
14 Spiderweb
15 A Relative Situation
16 A Little Sex, a Little Scandal
17 Life of the Party
18 Odds on a Dead Pigeon
19 DOA: Delirious on Arrival
20 You Only Die Twice
21 Burn Out
22 Murder Between Friends
23 Vigilante Mothers

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01 Welcome to America, Mr. Brand
02 Over the Limit
03 We're Off to See the Wizard
04 A Lovely Little Affair
05 Tail of the Dancing Weasel
06 Sour Grapes
07 Utopia Now
08 Reach for the Sky
09 J. Edgar's Ghost
10 Flight to Freedom
11 The Wrong Way Home
12 Fast Food for Thought
13 One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't
14 Playing for Keeps
15 The Pharoah's Engineer
16 The Truimvirate
17 The Eyes Have It
18 Wrong Number
19 The Boy Who Could Be King
20 Dead Men Leave No Trails
21 Three Little Spies
22 All the World's a Stage

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01 Unfinished Business
02 Stemwinder 1
03 It's in the water
04 Stemwinder 2
05 No thanks for the memory
06 Photo Finish
07 Nightcrawler
08 Billy's lost weekend
09 The man who died twice
10 Need to Know
11 Santa's got a new bag
12 Any number can play
13 Bad Timing
14 Promises to Keep
15 Rumours of my death
16 Do you take this spy?
17 Mission of Gold
18 One flew east
19 The Kruschev List
20 Suitable for framing
21 All that glitters
22 Matter of Choice

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Episode Guide à la Petra

In this section I’m going to post my very personal episode order for all four seasons. It’s the order of episodes that make most sense, IMO, according to character- and relationship developments.

It’s a work in progress and thus the order can be changing a little from time to time, if I find any clues that suggest rearranging them.
At the moment my interpretations are still missing, because I haven’t had the time to write them down properly. But since so many of you asked me to upload at least the pure orders of episodes I do that now.

The interpretations will be added piece by piece as soon as they are available.






SEASON 1 à la Petra

01. The First Time
02. There Goes The Neighborhood
03. The A.C.M. Kid
04. Magic Bus
05. If Thoughts Could Kill
06. Service Above and Beyond
07. Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
08. Sudden Death
09. Saved by the Bells
10. The Long Christmas Eve
11. Remembrance of Things Past
12. Lost and Found
13. I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been... a Spy
14. Dead Ringer
15. The Mole
16. Savior
17. The Artful Dodger
18. Filming Raul
19. Fearless Dotty
20. Weekend
21. Waiting for Godorsky
22. Charity Begins At Home

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SEASON 2 à la Petra

01. To Catch A Mongoose
02. The Times They Are a Changin'
03. Double Agent
04. The Legend of Das Geisterschloss
05. Brunettes Are In
06. Our Man in Tegernsee
07. Affair at Bromfield Hall
08. A Class Act
09. Playing Possum
10. The Three Faces of Emily
11. Ship of Spies
12. Spiderweb
13. A Relative Situation
14. Car Wars
15. A Little Sex, A Little Scandal
16. Life of the Party
17. Odds on a Dead Pigeon
18. D.O.A.
19. You Only Die Twice
20. Burn Out
21. Murder Between Friends
22. Vigilante Mothers

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SEASON 3 à la Petra

01. Welcome to America, Mr. Brand
02. The tail of the dancing weasel
03. We’re off to see the wizard
04. A lovely little affaire
05. Over the limit
06. Utopia now
07. Reach for the sky
08. Sour Grapes
09. J. Edgar’s Ghost
10. Flight to freedom
11. Wrong way home
12. Fast food for thought
13. One bear dances … one bear doesn’t
14. Playing for keeps
15. The Pharao’s Engeneer
16. The Triumvirate
17. The eyes have it
18. Wrong number
29. The boy who could be king
20. Dead men leave no trails
21. Three little spies
22. All the word’s a stage

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SEASON 4 à la Petra

01. Unfinished Business
02. Stemwinder (Part 1)
03. Stemwinder (Part 2)
04. No Thanks for the Memory
05. It's in the Water
06. Night Crawler
07. Photo Finish
08. Billy's Lost Weekend
09. The Man Who Died Twice
10. Need to Know
11. Any Number Can Play
12. Santa's Got a Brand New Bag
13. Promises to Keep
14. Rumors of My Death
15. Bad Timing
16. Do You Take This Spy
17. Mission of Gold
18. One Flew East
19. All That Glitters
20. The Khrushchev List
21. A Matter of Choice
22. Suitable for Framing

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Iwsod's Episode Guide

IWSOD (Dana) is a great Australian fan, who writes a terrific blog, which you have to visit, if you’d like to read a lot of fun recaps and interpretations of SMK. Just like me she’s been doing a lot of thinking about the correct episode order and came up with her very own episode guide. So far she has figured out her episode order for season 1. Seasons 2 to 4 are to follow.







01 The first Time
02 There goes the Neighbourhood
03 The ACM Kid
04 Magic Bus
05 If thoughts could Kill
06 Sudden Death
07 Always look a gift horse in the mouth
08 Service above and Beyond
09 Saved by the bells
10 The Long Christmas Eve
11 Remembrance of things past *
12 I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy*
13 Lost and Found
14 The Artful Dodger
15 Dead Ringer
16 The Mole
17 Savior
18 Filming Raul
19 Weekend
20 Waiting for Godorsky
21 Fearless Dotty
22 Charity Begins at Home

Links for explanation and interpretation:

Episodes 1-9:

Episodes 10-13:

Episodes 14-21 (22):

Dana, thank you very much for sharing your insights on my fanpage. Keep up the good work!

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