Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
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Double Agent - Recap and Interpretation


This is not one of my favourites, but it has some nice and funny sences, especially: the belt scene.


AMANDA: Too heavy… It’s not going to work. [Lee groans in frustration as they give up.]
LEE: Amanda, see if you can slip your arm out.
AMANDA (demonstrating): This is as far as it’ll go. My wrist... and then my hand is bigger…
LEE: Maybe we could, uh--
AMANDA (gets an idea): Give me your belt.
LEE (truly stunned): What?
AMANDA: Take your belt off… [Lee looks down, confused.] Take your belt off. Take off your belt. Take your belt *off.*
LEE: I’m not sure I want to hear this… What are you--
AMANDA: *Please* don’t make me ask you again. [Lee starts to say something.] Just take your belt off. I can use the little metal prong in your belt; maybe we can use it to undo the handcuffs… Look, it worked on Jamie’s bike.
[Lee clearly thinks it’s a ridiculous idea, but he consents. Since his hands are constrained, he stretches his torso so that the, um, buckle area is closer to Amanda.]
LEE: Alright, here.
AMANDA: I have to take it?
LEE: Yes, you have to… [Amanda nods and tries to undo the belt buckle with her free hand.]
AMANDA: Sorry.
LEE: Hurry. Hurry. [At this, in her efforts, she does something - hidden by the flap of Lee’s jacket - and he yelps in pain. He gives her a scolding look; she’s quite embarrassed.]
AMANDA: Oh, I’m… really... very sorry.
LEE: Amanda, come on. The fire’s getting closer.
AMANDA: I’m trying… [She holds up the belt to show that she‘s succeeded.] Okay. [She works to unlock her handcuff. The flames are getting closer.] Oh, my gosh… [Soon she’s free.]
LEE: Get me out of here.
AMANDA: Right. [She works on freeing one of Lee’s wrists.] Just … there!


Taken from the transcript of "Double Agent, transcribed by chezanne. You can find this transcript at the Steno Pool.


Double Agent Belt 1 Double Agent Belt 2


But I think almost everything has been said yet about it, and so I'd like to comment on something different today.

I've just started watching my s2 dvds and before that I re-watched s1 to figure out the right episode order. Now I've started to do that on s2, too.

I'm not perfectly sure, but according to the fact, that we see a Porsche as Lee's car (though it's not the one from s1), I suppose this episode must come very early in season 2. In fact, I think it must be the first episode.

There are more reasons for that:

According to what the people are wearing, it must be spring. Season 1 ended around late April, I think or maybe early May. At least that's what I think.
Double Agent must come before "The times they are changin'", because during the latter we see people wearing tops aud t-shirts and Phillip and Jamie wanted to return to the hotel to go to the pool because it is so hot in the sun. So it must be summer and (!) summer holidays! How long was that trip to Germany? One week or maybe two I think. I don't think they took the boys that long out of school just because they won that trip. That doesn't make sense to me.

In "Double Agent" Amanda says "Not in the middle of the school year", so it must be some time before summer holidays, as I said around April/May.

BTW, did anyone realize that season 1 covered about six months and season 2 must have gone for at least 14 or 15 months to make sense? Because in WOTSTWizard they know each other for 25 months and 2 weeks. Counting back I come to the conclusion that season 2 covers more than one year. What do you think? Ist that right? Season 4 then runs again very fast, everything happens within about a few months.

But back to my point:

All in all I really think that "Double Agent" must be the first episode of season 2 (or at least one of the first). We hear about IFF and see Auggie the first time. And altough Amanda tells Lee in "The Legend of Das Geisterschloss" that she told her mother about her new job and that IFF sent her to Salzburg, I think the telling-part could have happned just some time earlier.

I'm not sure at which position "Das Geisterschloss" and the other episodes should be. But I'm going to figure that out.


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