Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
(Waiting for Godorsky)


Flight To Freedom - Recap and Interpretation


I find this episode very nice and gentle. And according to the episode order that I follow, it makes perfect sense, too.

Here's the episode order my interpretations depend on:

Welcome to America, Mr. Brand
The Tail of the dancing weasel
A lovely little affaire
We're off to see the wizard
Over the limit
Utopia now
Sour Grapes
Reach for the sky
J Edgars ghost
Flight to freedom

As I pointed out in the corresponding episode discussion, RFTS was the first episode of season 3 that dealt with Amanda's character development as the major issue. And now, in FTF, we see Amanda bring in the harvest, so to speak. Remember, she was supposed to being tested by Billy in RFTS, a test for level 1 operatives, and through the Cyclops case she gained more self-cenfidence and managed to convince Lee several times to let her work with him and that he needed her help.

I think later she passed that test even though it was never mentioned again. But we also know that she gets shooting lessons and studies the agency tapes and manuals and thus improves her skills more and more. In FTF she now shows a lot of these improved skills, f.i. when she tries to untie herself the moment the bad guy leaves her alone in that room at Triton Club. Then she hears a boat coming nearer and assumes that it must be Lee so she manages to give him a sign using the banner and the fishing rod. And even earlier she leaves him a message at the harbout using that life-jacket.

And we see how much Lee's faith, trust and confidence in her have improved. After they fighted the bad guys at Triton Club - and Amanda helped him here actively by using a paddle and grabbing one of the baddies guns - he runs after the head baddie, leaving her alone with the other man and the gun without a second thought. He knows that she now is able to handle the situation until the backup team arrives.

Lee now shows his affection and feelings for her more openly and the handholding scenes prove that there's a more conscious way they both act towards each other. The best prove is the scene after they brought Colleen back to the convalescence home and head towards Lee's car, holding hands. They are totally aware of each other and that they are holding hands.

BTW, in the beginning Lee seems again to be a little uncomfortable with the idea of him and Amanda going on the Matahari II, just like in "Utopia now". And I think it's for the same reason: He learns that Amanda has experience with sailing a boat that is even bigger that the Matahari II and I think he doesn't like the idea that her skills might be surpassing his (like her scout skills out in the woods).  It doesn't mean that he doesn't like to work with her, but every time she has the bulge on him when it coms to skills he gets a little annoyed and uncomfortable. Maybe he doesn't like to be bossed around by her, because his ego suffers a little.

Interesting, that they obviously didn't try to repeat that kiss again. On board of the Matahari II nobody could ever have  interrupted them, okay maybe Billy, calling to hear when they would be back. But I don't think he did.

So why didn't they make another try now?  Romantic sunset on board would have been the perfect situation, wouldn't it?

Can it be that they both decided to wait, because they realized that it was a little too early for that step in their relationship, that they had to become more comfortable with the new awareness of each other?

Remember: "When you're talking about love you have to be patient." (J.Edgar's ghost) And that it, on the other side, now was a little too late to warm up the long gone situation with the almost kiss? And that they had to wait until a new opportunity came along but not forced by one of them? They just gave it some time and try by dating more often (tag of J Edgar's ghost).

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