Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
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No Thanks for The Memory - Recap and Interpretation

This is the only episode in German (other that "Mission of Gold"), where Lee tells Amanda that he loves her (at least as much as I can remember). Or tells her that he tells her that he loves her. Maybe the German TV guys thought that it would be better if he told her once before they got married, since we never saw the Stemwinders and Nightcrawler.
And how did they do it? In a veeery German (decent) kind of way by a little beating about the bush.

You know Lee's line in the tag:

"With that tought in mind, some romantic candlelight, a little bubbly, a little romance ... a very little romance."

And here's what they made of it in Germany (translated as well as I could):

"Und deshalb dachte ich mir, beim Schein des Kerzenlichts und bei einem Gläschen, mach ich dir eine kleine Liebeserklärung ... oder eine große Liebeserklärung."

In English:

"And that's why I thought, in the glow of candlelight and with a glass (of bubbly), to make a little declaration of love to you ... or a big declaration of love."

Nice, isn't it? It seems to me that the words "I love you" were hot stuff in the 80's in German family TV. You don't hear them very often. Only in "Mission of Gold" he says: "Ich liebe Sie, Mrs. Stetson" - "I love you, Mrs. Stetson."
And even here he uses the more formal "Sie" instead of "dich". In English this is easier. There is only one word to use: "You"


Quotes all from the episode “No Thanks For The Memory” / “Amanda schlägt Alarm”.
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