Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
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Odds On A Dead Pigeon - Recap and Interpretation


I've always liked this one, even with the hair. And to be honest, I found Amanda really pretty in the scene with all those boys in her living room. Maybe because she didn't wear those huge earrings then.

I love the scene in the hospital when Lee speaks to Karen/Amanda. He says so many nice things that Amanda should have heard! But even if she didn't, we did and realize another step in his character development. And then he stares at her and you can clearly see that he feels something isn't right with this Amanda. What did he catch there? I thought about it a long time. Maybe it was just something subconscious about the chemistry between them. IMO he realized that there was no sparkling between them when he looked into her eyes. A sparkling that he was used to by now even though he wouldn't have admitted or even consciously known.

"Mrs. King whistles, he comes running."

I wonder if, at this stage, Lee begins to realize that, at least subconsciously.

"I'm here now", he says when he rescues Amanda from the (not so) deadly snake. It sounds like he knows somewhere deep in his mind, that she needs him (and he her), and that he has to be there to make sure she will always be alright.

He admits that he prefers "the real one", that is the real Amanda. Not so long ago he would never have dreamt that he ever might prefer her to anybody in the world, but know they have come real close. Closer maybe than they both realize or better would admit to each other or even themselves - for several reasons.

We see in this episode one of the - up to now - very few real hugs (not counting the side hugs here), and it is one hug, no two (!) full of relief and joy.

Lee, who most of the time seems to avoid touching people - and especially Amanda - to be safe of being touched (literally and figuratively) himself, pulls her straight into his arms and it seems he doesn't want to let go any more. A big, no huge step forward in the development of his character as well as in their relationship. And the lovely smile on Amanda's face tells me that she is aware of that fact.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind ... Oh my, am I in a romantic mood or what?


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