Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
(Waiting for Godorsky)


The Triumvirate - Recap and Interpretation


This is one of my all time favourites for all the reasons yet mentioned.

When I watched the episode again I had a big LOL and at the same time HUH? moment, when Lee goes back to Lance's trailer. There this intrusive woman catches up to him, grabs him and doesn't let go. She so wants to seduce Lee for a one night stand! I had to shake my head watching this scene. That woman is definitely over the top, I think the writers wanted to create her like this to show us (and all the less observant audience) by sledgehammer method how much Lee has changed. As if we didn't know that by now ...

I wonder if Lee would have been interested in such a woman (and her obvious offer) three years ago. A little I doubt it. She does not seem to be his type, compared to the Randis, Margots etc. he used to date. Maybe he would have been flattered by the approach of that woman, maybe he would have even played a little game with teasing her or flirting with her. But more? I don't really know.

Of course by now this is absolutely out of the question. I had to laugh at how embarrassed and even repelled he was by her behaviour from the first moment on. He just wanted to get rid of her as fast as posssible without getting too rough on her. His remark that she should try a glass of warm milk was hilarious.

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