Amanda: ... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
(Waiting for Godorsky)


Wrong Way Home - Recap and Interpretation

My thoughts about the qestion, why Amanda got divorced

For me the divorce seems to be a kind of "Love sometimes isn't enough." Amanda told Lee, that her marriage didn't work because she and Joe were seperated for so long, not because she didn't love him anymore. Maybe her love had changed into a kind of deep friendship during the separation time.

Then there is Joe's comment in the divorce document on Amanda being "resistant to change". We know that she is "a little" stubborn, which Lee also knows, but it is no obstacle for him but for Joe it was one. The point is that Lee may be bugged sometimes by Amandas behaviour and stubbornness, but he accepts her with every part of her personallity and Joe didn't. There for I found it okay, that they brought Joe into the show. That way we (and Amanda, too) could recognize the tremendous difference in characters of Lee and Joe.

I love the tag though I never realized that the screen at the end got into two halves. I thought they had only put Lee's picture over Joe's so that it looks like Amanda is dreaming of Lee while dancing with Joe. Now after I read the postings here I watched the tag again and moved really close to the screen. And so I realized that it ist really two halves, you can see the different backgrounds behind Amanda and Lee.
So I agree that they see each other and that's why they are both smiling at the end.

Joe and Lee were dressed similarly in this episode. Jeans and leather jackets. Maybe that's because the writers/producers or who ever wanted to make clear the differences between these twoe characters by directly comparing them. So they made them look similarly, at least in clothes, and let their behaviour and characters speak for themselves.
Just a thought that came to my mind.

Something else that I've never spotted before:

When Joe and Amanda sit on the bed in that rooming house, they after a while begin to hold each other's hands. Then Lee comes and the moment Amanda sees him or knows it is him she lets go of Joe's hand and even rubs her hand on her sweater. That scene reminds me of the scene in "Sour Grapes" when Lee brushes his hands at his jacket after the handshake with Jillian the shark (It was Jillian, wasn't it? I don't remember her name properly, but you know the blond shark at the auction.).

To me this seems to be an unconscious act to brush Joe's touching away and showing Lee that it didn't mean what it looked like.

Maybe it's the same thing with her touching his shoulder at his appartement when she passes him. I'm sure she does it to reassure him and without thinking who might see it. I think Joe was aware of something going on between them. He heard Lee call Amanda by her first name, his voice full of concern and fear that she might have been hurt at the library. And later in the car when he, Shamba/PM and Lee were heading to the middleschool he heard Amanda call Lee (on the mobile radio) by his first name instead of "Mr. Stetson".

And I'm sure he suspected them being a couple when he heard that they were on the run together at Stemwinder. When she told him that she was with the agency I don't know, but she must have told him because he wasn't surprisd to see Billy at her house then, telling him he was Amanda's supervisor.

I think Joe put two and two together very soon during WWH, and maybe that's because he asked her in the tag if she would like to "go back" (maybe with him again). And when she told him that she'd rather look forward to a great future he knew that he didn't have a chance with her any more and that her heart was taken by that secret agent she was working with.


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