Lee: Now I know why they issued us cyanide capsules. You make me do this and I'll use mine.
Billy: Feel free. - Amanda?
Amanda: Yes?
Billy: If he lives, help him straighten things up.
(The tail of the Dancing Weasel)


SMK Quotes


Lots and lots of funny, dramatic, romantic and insightful lines from our favourite TV show.

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Lee: "What are you wearing?"
Amanda: "What do you care?"
(The First Time)

Dotty: Amanda, what are they like, the people that you work for?
Amanda: Just normal, everyday people.
(The Long Christmas Eve)

Dotty: "Clams again, dear?"
(The First Time)

Amanda: How did you find me?
Lee: We have our ways.
Amanda: I thought only Nazis and spies said that.
Lee: Well, I'm not a Nazi.
(The First Time)

Lee: I wish you wouldn’t look at me when you say weak link.
(The First Time)

Lee: Senior agent always gets the bed. [Amanda rolls her eyes] Get you mind out of the gutter, will ya?
(There goes the Neighborhood)

Lee: Who doesn’t like me?
(If Thoughts Could Kill)

Amanda: “When I told you not to call, I didn’t mean you could come sit in my bushes.”
(Magic Bus)

Lee: “Go on, leave me!”
Amanda: “Leave me, he says.”
Lee: “They tell us to say that. Thank God you never listen to me.”
(Magic Bus)

Amanda: „That is so petty.
Lee: „Care to change your opinion?"
(Magic Bus)

Lee: „Yes, Amanda … Danger, excitement, intrigue …“
Amanda: Oh, shut up.
(The ACM Kid)

Amanda: „Look Alexi, this is Lee Stetson. He is one of the top agents in the country. Now will you just untie us? He will rescue your parents and he’ll stop these people. Trust me.
Alexi: „If he’s so hot, what’s he doing tied up in a closet?“
(The ACM Kid)

Dean: So did you hear the news about what happened at peppertree mall? Spies! Right there operation out of a video arcade. Isn’t that amazing? Right here in the suburbs.
(The ACM Kid)

Lee: „It’s way after midnight, Cinderella.“
Amanda: „What are you doing here?“
(Service Above and Beyond)
Lee: „Someone ripped off her microphone in the ladies room. That left me with a lot of time to kill.“
(Service Above and Beyond)

Lee: „If anything happens to her, I swear you'll do your time in a wheelchair, so talk to me fast!“
(Service Above and Beyond)

Amanda: „Oh, Lee…How’d you get me out of there?“
Lee: „I carried you.“
Amanda: „He carried me.“
(Service Above and Beyond)

Amanda: „Well, I was just wondering … shouldn’t I know how to hit?“
(Always look a gift hrse in the mouth)

Amanda: „You heard me, she thinks you’re cute.“
Lee: „I am cute.“
Amanda: „Not that cute.“
(Always look a gift hrse in the mouth)

Amanda: „He doesn’t even bother to lie anymore! Why should he? Everybody knows you can count on good ol’ reliable Amanda.“
(Saved by the Bells)

Amanda: „I don’t know how anyone could mistake me for you. You’re so much taller.“
(Saved by the Bells)

Amanda: „Well, I guess that about wraps this one up. Our people are on the way. Anything else I can do?“
Lee: „No. You can leave your silver bullet and ride off.“
(Saved by the Bells)

Zinoviev: „Tell the big fella to keep quiet.“
Amanda: „Quiet, big fella.“
(Saved by the Bells)

Lee: „Do you really think that some Mickey Mouse spy course you’re taking can replace actual experience in the field?“
Amanda: „This isn’t from one of my courses. This is from the Cub Scout handbook.“
(The Long Christmas Eve)

Lee: „I have to do everything. Leave my coffee, drive the car, get shot.“
(The Mole)

Amanda: „Well, I just can’t believe it. You know, the pictures I usually take, when I walk into the photo store the lady just looks at me and points at me and laughs.“
Amanda: „I did exactly what you told me to do, I stayed right here.“
Lee: „Oh, well, what a refreshing change.“
(Filming Raul)

Amanda: „It would be a lot simpler the other way.“
Lee: „And a lot quieter.“
(Filming Raul)

Amanda: „I don’t want the best there is. I want you.“
(Filming Raul)

Dorty: „These burning passions, midnight assignations, they don’t work.“
Amanda: „Mother, it’s only eight thirty.“
(Filming Raul)

Dotty: „I mean maybe you are entitled to a meaningless affair. Something passionate and firy with not future.“
Amanda: „Maybe I am.“
(Filming Raul)

Dotty: „Amanda, that does not make sense! How can you not want to meet someone you’ve never even seen?"
(Fearless Dotty)

Amanda: „Maybe I should have just transcribed the telephone conversation as it was, but, you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …“
(Waiting for Godorsky)

Amanda: „Take your belt off. Take off your belt. Take … your … belt … off.“
(Double Agent)

Amanda: „Are you Perry Mason? Am I supposed to crack under the pressure or something?“

Lee: „It's not business any more, Mario, It is personal, you understand me? Personal!Now they took a Lady with that car.“
Mario: „So?“
Lee: So: „That Lady happens to be a very very good friend of mine.“
(Car Wars)

Lee: „Now I know why they issued us cyanide capsules. You make me do this and I'll use mine.“
Billy: „Feel free. - Amanda?“
Amanda: „Yes?“
Billy: „If he lives, help him straighten things up.“
(The Tail of the Dancing Weasel)

Harry V. Thornton: „But Lee says you’ve got good instincts. He says he’d follow you blind through a blizzard at midnight.“
(The Tail of the Dancing Weasel)

Lee: „Amanda, it’s just that sometimes wish I could go and get good and steamed. But every time you do something to make me mad you turn around and do something to make me grateful.“
(The Tail of the Dancing Weasel)

Leatherneck: „See the object of this thing is to fire your weapon at your adversary. Not the ceiling. The ceiling is on our side.“
(Over the Limit)

Amanda: „Not this time, buster!“
(Over the Limit)

Amanda: „Look, you won't talk to anybody, and you just act like you're some kind of Superman, and you're not Superman. You're just a man, but you're really a pretty special man.“
(We’re off to see the Wizard)

Amanda: „Call me a cab.“
Lee: „You're a cab.“
(Reach for the Sky)

Insp. Shamba / PM: „Chewing gum?!“
Leatherneck: „Five flavours. One makes you see double and think backwards.“
(Wrong Way Home)

Leatherneck: „Lee, what about the zebras?“
(Wrong Way Home)

Amanda: Lee, we´re talking about love and when you talk about love, you have to be patient!
(J Edgar’s Ghost)

Francine … M Street is kind of a combination of, uh, tag team wrestling and full contact karate.
Amanda: Do you know that first hand?
(J Edgar’s Ghost)

Amanda: This is a car, not a bottle of wine.
(All the World’s a Stage)

Lee: „No. Not this time.“
(All the World’s a Stage)

Lee: „I love you.“
Amanda: „What?“
(Stemwinder I)

Amanda: „Now wait a minute. You can't just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me that you love me and walk out of my life again.“
(Stemwinder I)

Lee: „Well, here we are. Nice quiet dinner in our cozy hideout, cleaning our guns. Another typical evening with the spy family.“
(Stemwinder II)

Amanda: „Do you know who I am?“
Lee: „My Amanda.“
(Unfinished Business)

Amanda: „I may be sleepy, but I'm not deaf.“
(No thanks for the Memories)

Billy: „I want you both to know, that your relationship whatever it is, is fine with me. We all look for something and I think when we find it we should hang on with everything we’ve got."
(Billy’s Lost Weekend)

Lee: „Amanda King, you are the best, the bravest, the smartest, most beautiful woman I have ever known.“

Lee: „Listen. If you had any deep dark secrets, they would have found them by now.“
Amanda: „I don't have any secrets.“
Lee: „Oh? I can think of one or two …“
(Photo Finish)

Lee: „I love you, Mrs. Stetson.“
(Mission of Gold)

Amanda: The hardest part about this job is the feelings. Lee said not to get involved. – He war right about that.
Lee: I never thought I'd live to hear you say that. Actually I didn't live to hear it. Not officially, of course.

Amanda: You're alive? You're alive and standing right here in my family room? ... Oh, you are ... you are! ... Oh, I'm so angry with you!
Lee: What ... for being alive?
(Remembrance of things past)